No. The information that you provide during registration does not show up on your ads, only your username.
However, you can have your email and/or phone number appear if you enter that information when you place your actual ad.
if you dont want to use your real number you can buy a forwarding number.

classified ads are free. You can Feature your ad on the top with video Featured ads are $7 to $25 for a 30 day period.

Featured ads pushes your ad to the top of our classifieds ads page and appears on the top or towards the top
of the ad listings,  Those who choose to feature their ad get the benefit of having your ad more visible among the many other ads posted. Featured ads are $7 to $25 for a 30 day period.

When you fill out your ad form, if you clicked on the paid section the form will tell you how much your ad costs. Once you’ve made your selections, you will be able to select if you want to pay by paypal or credit card.

If you chose to pay by credit card, the site will forward you to PayPal. Their secure servers will allow you
to pay for your ad without the fear of your information being stolen. You do not have to have a PayPal
account to pay through them. Once you’ve paid, your ad will be approved and will start appearing on the site.

it may have been miscategorized in that case we Decide the best category for you.

see our list of ads we dont accept

log in with your email and password you used when u signed up or you can also log in with your facebook or google account

If you have placed ads with us before, you have an account! Click on the Sign in link at the top right-hand corner of the page to log into your account. Put in the email address or user name you might have used and the password. If you can’t remember the password, click on the “Forgot password?” link and follow the steps to reset it. Then log on and place your classified ad.

You may be a past or present user. We may have your email address already on file. Please take a moment and click on the “Lost your password link?” Follow the steps to reset it and then log on to place your classified ad.

An account is a good thing! By placing your ads while being logged in you get the benefit of being able to manage all the ads you place in one convenient place, the Dashboard will list your current and expired ads. You can edit, delete or renew from this area. and change your password.

log in to your account once your are in your dashboard on the left hand side go to edit profile scroll down to the bottom and create a new password save changes.

Go to the home page and do a search on your keyword type in your ciy and click search you should see be able to see your ad under the listings. Your ad is posted the same day upon your successful submittal. If you do not see your ad contact us at please log in to your account to see if your ads are approved or still pending.

99.9% of the time It’s because the billing address doesn’t match the address you entered when you placed the ad. (Different business address?) In the credit card section put the address that your credit card statement goes to and it should process correctly. Remember, the address you enter never shows up in the ad so if you have your credit card billing address it will not be visible to the reader.

The easiest way would be to log in go to your dashboard on the left hand side you can edit everything there.

Go into your dashboard if you have an expired ad you can repost it

If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us